Test Overlay print

I decided to haveĀ  go at printing a test overlay, this is a multi step process and not a professional one.

1) print overlay design onto acetate sheet, using a colour inkjet and transparency sheet

2) Cut acetate sheet down, making sure that the overlay is smaller than an actual real overlay

3) Laminate the acetate sheet, this stiffens it up enough to stand up (could double laminate)

4) hand paint a white mask on the back (took a couple of coats of white primer)

first coat pretty thin everywhere


view from front


5 Tidy up mask edges with scalpel

Before tidying up it looked like this


back after tidy up (it’s not perfect but good enough for testing position of elements)


front after tidy up


Overlay on the Vectrex


Can now start tweaking lengths and positions.


Stunt Man Overlay Version 1.1

Here’s the 2nd version of my overlay for Stunt Man. It’s currently functional and needs a lot of work so that I can get the feel of the original Bezel from Stunt Cycle the arcade game but that is my intention. It also needs to work for the various game modes that I will be implementing other than bus jumping.

You can see version 1.0 of the bezel in action in this video of the game running in the excellent VIDE development environment.

My functional Bezel

Stunt cycle Overlay ver1.01.fw.png

Original Stunt Cycle Bezel

stunt cycle bezel