Stunt Man homebrew on Vectrex

Here’s the current state of play with my first development project on Vectrex. This project was started over Christmas. I have always loved the discrete logic game Stunt Cycle, ever since I played one of the home conversions on the TV game consoles.

I wanted something relatively simple as my first effort while I learn how to program the awesome Vectrex home games console.

Here’s a video of my current status running on one of my Vectrex machines.

This is very much a work in progress.

Current status of this version:

  • Buses displayed
  • Bike can accelerate
  • Lives
  • If jump successful buses increases
  • if jump fails lose life and attempt again
  • Title screen

It is written in MC6809 assembler, the little brother to the might MC68000 processor.

I will be fleshing the game out with other game modes and may sell this as a cartridge in the future, but will probably release the binary of the Stunt Cycle part of the game for the Vectrex community to play with.

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